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Our 'Ili Kope PERK serum will do just that. Originally made to help with dark circles around the eyes, this ALL OVER body oil will have skin feeling moisturized, hydrated, and smooth.

It's made with 100% Organic Kona Coffee, paired with other natural ingredients to be ultra hydrating for the delicate eye area. Made in Hawaii, enjoy the amazing coffee aroma when you apply. Check out the 10ML roller top accented with a single whole Kona Coffee Bean!

This product pairs well with our exfoliating body scrubs and our Kona coffee lip balm. 


100% Organic Kona Coffee, 100% Organic Coconut Oil, 100% Organic Cucumber seed Oil, Vitamin E (tocopherol).


Apply to eye area 2X per day. Storage; For best use, keep at room temperature. Warning: Avoid getting product into eyes. Stop use immediately if irritation occurs. Product should be used within 6 months of opening. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Temukisa Von Der Heyden
Good for dark spots !

I used to use my perk serum only under my eyes for my dark circles but I started using it on a dark spot on my cheek and it cleared it right up! 🤎

Ashley R
The Perfect Perk

I have always tried to use different oils to help with the dark circles under my eyes! I started using this only a little over a year ago and the difference it has made is amazing! The caffeine infused in this serum works wonders! I take the roller everywhere with me in case I ever need it! Plus it is just overall amazing for the skin! Would highly recommend this serum to anyone!

Kira Nobriga
Perk Serum ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Growing up I always struggled with having dark eye circles and I could never find a product that would decrease it as much as the perk serum. I have used this for over a year and I bring this everywhere I go ! My eye circles have decrease immensely since I’ve started using this product and I would recommend it to anyone who struggles with this issue.


this has been MY GO-TO for years now… literally. i have been using the ilikope perk serum since 2017 🙈 i add a few drops to my face twice a day to keep my skin tight & smooth. sometimes you’ll catch me adding perk to other areas of my body to help with marks or scars. this is definitely a necessity in my skin care routine, you should definitely make it apart of yours too 😉

Tay Donager
Multipurpose Oil!

The Perk Serum is a must have! I use this for my under eyes & it has noticeably helped reduce my under eye bags. & now that I am pregnant, I apply the Perk Serum to my belly twice a day to help keep my skin hydrated & to avoid stretch marks.

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