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Meet the newest addition to our skincare line: MATCHA MUD MASK

This luxurious face mask will leave skin feeling soft and hydrated! Featuring natural ingredients like Hawaiian Green Tea and Bentonite Clay to help detoxify and moisturize skin, while minimizing the appearance of pores and imperfections.

Smells like a Matcha Latte, applies in a nearly jelly-like texture and dries down with minimal constriction. The organic coconut milk gives you a slight cooling sensation until gently removed. This product pairs well with its very own matching accessory set. Custom handmade earth-toned ceramic bowl and a white Mother of Pearl spoon.

We recommend this mask for individuals who have either a combination or dry types of skin.



Ingredients:  Hawaiian Green Tea, Organic Coconut Milk, and Bentonite Clay. Do not remove food grade silica packet as it works to preserve product freshness. 

For Normal or Dry Skin: We recommend mixing with water, coconut water, aloe juice/gel OR any of our in-house body oils. (Kona Coffee, Hawaiian Vanilla, Wrinkle Perk Serum)

For Combo or Oily Skin: We recommend mixing with water, green tea, rose water, witch hazel (without alcohol) or non-chemical toner.  

Directions: In a small dish, add 2 parts dry product to 1 part wet and mix thoroughly. Increase small amounts of wet/dry ratio to achieve a mousse like consistency. Apply a thin layer evenly to clean dry skin, leave 5-10 minutes then rinse with warm water. Pat dry and follow with your favorite moisturizers and serums. Discard any left over pre-mix. 

Recommended use is one to three times per week. Do not use if seal is tampered with or broken. Store in dry and cool place, and stop use immediately if irritation occurs. Do not use if you notice your skin becomes sensitive after use. Over exposure to this product may result in redness and irritation.

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