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When Coffee and Skincare Converge: The Woman Behind The Brand

Being a mama of two, I always want to give my children the very best of everything. If you're like me, you probably check the labels on practically anything. Being obsessed with skincare, I knew to watch out for certain ingredients and I was especially wary of what I used on my children's skin. Not feeling satisfied with what big brand stores had to offer, I created and mixed my own formulas to treat some of my kid's minor skin conditions. As time progressed, I really focused on using organic, natural ingredients. My family and friends took an interest in my skin care experiments, so I began to give them samples of what I had created. Once they saw the benefits of my all natural skincare products, they encouraged me to build my business.

Natasha | @theislandhoney

'Ili Kope (ee'lee KO-pay) is a Hawaiian phrase meaning "Coffee Skin." I decided that this name perfectly paid homage to my raising on the Big Island of Hawaii, as well as my family's long occupational history of being coffee farmers.  In 2014, I combined my love of natural skin care and my family ties to coffee farming: thus, 'Ili Kope Organic Skincare was born!

All products are made with 100% Organic Kona Coffee and other natural ingredients of only the highest quality. Kona Coffee is known to be rich in vitamins and nutrients provided by the volcanic soil only found within the Hawaiian Islands. The caffeine found in coffee acts as an anti-inflammatory and firms/tightens skin surface through constriction, which can prevent premature skin aging. I also incorporate coconut oil into all of my products because of the amazing benefits it provides for your skin, and let's be honest, the scent of coffee and coconut together is just yummy.

Being a fan of travel myself it’s nice to know that more and more wonderful individuals from around the world have tried my products. It's truly humbling to know that so many people enjoy my body care line that I began 6 years ago. I swear by my products and use them everyday, whether it's the lip balm, coffee scrub or my all-new coffee body oil.

My name is Natasha, and I'm so excited to join you on this natural Health and Beauty journey!

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It is so important to put a face to the brand! Such a beautiful introduction of yourself! So blessed to be apart of this journey with you over the last year and a half! Thank you for letting me be apart of the team!

Ashley R

Beautifully said, you have worked very hard to where you are at. I’m proud of you, stay proud of your heritage! Stay strong and beautiful, keep up the great work! ♥️

Rhonda Leonard

Love you Natasha ♥️🙏🥰

Olivia Meza

Love you Natasha ♥️🙏🥰

Olivia Meza

I love that your first article is an introduction of who is behind the magic. The boss babe that created this company. I love that you’re sharing this product with us & love the story of how ‘ili kope got made. 💖 love that you keep it organic & natural.

Kali Geiger

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