Trying Something New in 2022

Trying Something New in 2022

Hello, lovelies! I hope you all had a wonderful new year and had sometime for cleansing and self-care to enter 2022 refreshed and RENEWED. 2021 was another wild year for me, and I'm sure it was for you too. Through the ups and downs of life, I have made it a priority of mine to continue to have gratitude and the mindset of understanding that what will be, will be!

In 2021, I completely changed my logo, changed my packaging to be eco-conscious, focused on reducing my business's impact on the environment by recycling/repurposing shipping materials, introducing multiple product's to my skincare line, as well as reaching more customers throughout the world. I'm so happy that I'm able to share a piece of Hawaii and my passion for clean skincare with you all!

To jump start 2022, I'll be doing something that I haven't done probably since I started my business years ago: I'll be a vendor at a pop-up market! The Homegrown Pop-up Market Experience will be on Friday January 21st, 2022 from 4pm to 9pm at the Pukalani Stables in Waimea on the Big Island. At this event, I'll be showcasing something I have NEVER offered before, our monthly VIBE box!

January’s box was specifically curated in order to bring in 2022 with positivity, and completely rid yourself of anything from 2021 that is lingering and doesn't serve you in this upcoming year. This months box will include:

- 4” stick of white sage (to remove the negative)

- 4” stick of Palo Santo (to promote the positive)

- Crystal piece of choice: Honey calcite or Green onyx 

- 1 solid colored 'Ili Kope scrunchy

- 1 oz COCO or AVO coffee scrub


For details, check it out for yourself

The first 3 people to spend $50 or more with me at the pop-up will receive this gift box for FREE! So be sure to get there early before this offer is no longer valid!

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I am absolutely loving these new monthly Vibe boxes! I received my first one at the Hana Like Home market in Waimea and instantly fell in love. Having the option to customize your own vibe box is what sold me! So excited to see where this year takes our Ilikope team!!

Kayla Rae Santos-Paglinawan

Its so awesome that you switched to eco-conscious packaging! I definitely appreciate businesses more when they show that they care about their impact on the environment.
So excited to see you do more pop ups too! Your set up at the pop up in Waimea was so cute!🤍 can’t wait to see what else you have in store for 2022!

Taylor Donager

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