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Time to Review Your Skincare Regimen for Healthy Skin in 2023

The holiday season has come and gone, most likely leaving your skin in shambles from stress and make up from all those holiday events you've attended! We’re going to go over a few tips that’ll help you build your perfect regimen in 2023 to keep you glowing and stunning:

Start from Within

It’s about that time: New Year Resolutions are starting to look a lot less attractive, and making healthy choices while getting back into the swing of things can be hard to manage. The best way to keep that skin glowing and moisturized on the surface is by minding what’s consumed and ends up under the surface. Make sure to drink lots of water, eat a balanced diet, don’t skip the greens or whole grains… Why? Eating nutritious foods and keeping hydrated has a profound effect on our body’s natural ability to address and repair skin issues. It’s important to create a solid foundation from within the body, as topical products can only do so much!

Over-Exfoliation is Never the Answer

Exfoliating regularly helps to purge the pores and remove dead skin cells, making it a vital step for any skincare routine. However, over-exfoliation is a big no-no. Don’t exfoliate more than is recommended or you can cause unwanted redness and irritation. With our favorite Vanilla Body Polish, we recommend exfoliating 2 to 3 times per week and using GENTLE pressure. Over exfoliating can affect the skin’s ability to protect you from external stressors and irritants. Limit your exfoliation (whether manual or chemical such as a BHA or AHA) to just a couple of times a week to improve your skin’s texture.

SPF is Back At it Again

How could we talk about skincare without mentioning our absolute fave? Well, we couldn’t…so here’s your regular reminder, remember to apply sunscreen! Protecting your skin from sun damage is one of the best ways to care for your skin. Forgetting sun protection can result in dark spots appearing more prominent and makes you prone to signs of aging. Bonus tip: somehow everyone forgets this step, so let us remind you - make sure to apply SPF to your neck. You’ll thank us!

Cancel Your Makeup Wipes

If you haven’t already thrown out your makeup wipes, now is definitely a good time. Rubbing makeup and other products off with a pad or wipe can be harmful to your skin. Wipes can be overly-abrasive and tend to dry out your skin. They’re as wasteful for the environment as they are ineffective at removing products. We love using a few drops of our Coffee Body Oil or the Vanilla Body Oil to gently remove make up, then following up with a gentle water-based cleanser. 

There are a few simple ways to make sure you’re getting the full benefit of your skin care routine. Don’t use makeup wipes, don’t over-exfoliate, and don’t forget the sunscreen. If you keep these pointers in mind, you won’t have to worry about your routine leaving you looking “rough” this year.

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