Sexy Valentine's Day Fun!

Sexy Valentine's Day Fun!

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, which means lots of steamy fun with your other half! Okay, we definitely feel that EVERYDAY should feel like Valentine's Day if you're in a relationship, but this particular day reminds all of us to love our partners and do something a little extra special with them.

We've got some fun date night ideas for you to enjoy this year:

Netflix and Chill

Cozy up and chose a romantic movie or series! We recommend "365 Days." We don't think there will be anything "chill" about checking out this hot film.

Shower Power

Nothing is more fun than getting sudsy with your man. Opt to have some steamy shower time or a bubble bath; while you're at it, get him to exfoliate you with our Gold Sugar Scrub or our Coffee Scrub and see where it might lead...

Extra-Handsy Massage

Who doesn't love a massage? While a massage can be ultra-relaxing, you and your partner can spice it up by both being completely bare. Using our Vanilla Body Oil, lather up your "S.O." and we know you'll both love the vanilla and coconut aroma. The best part, our body oil is completely edible and "safe" for where ever it may end up. ;)

Getting Right To It

Sometimes, just doing the deed is what you need. If you have time, grab some lingerie, candles, and rose petals before date night. Set the mood and create a trail of petals leading to the bedroom and all over the bed. Light some candles and slip into your "floor decorations" (at least we hope they will be by the end of the night). Turn on some sultry music (Sadé is always a classic, but chose whatever is your taste), and get ready for a fun night!

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