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We've recently released our Coffee Body Oil, and it has been an absolute hit! We are so grateful for the positive feedback from all of our loyal customers.

If you haven't gotten your hands on our Coffee Body Oil, what are you waiting for?! It is absolutely luxurious, hydrating, and the perfect addition to your beauty regimen. Not to mention that this body oil is completely multi-purpose and versatile, where it can be used as a tanning oil, hair mask, and so much more. And the scent is divine; one of our customers described it as "a delicious coconut latte!" Yummy.

So, we decided to take our Coffee Body Oil up a notch...

We would like to introduce our Vanilla Body Oil! Our limited drop sold out SO FAST, but we've decided to bring it back in a roller applicator.

Vanilla Body Oil | Roller top Applicator

The infusion process is very similar to that of the Coffee Body Oil, but instead we used Hawaiian Vanilla instead of Kona Coffee.

Vanilla is famous for being a potent relaxer. In fact, a study had been done, conducted by, people who smelled vanilla while completing a stress test had more stable heart rates and better blood pressure readings than those who took the stress test in an unscented room.

We understand that there are some customers who want all the benefits of our natural skincare, but they don't care for a "coffee" fragrance. Well, the Vanilla Body Oil is for you! Now you can enjoy the alluring hint of vanilla and coconut combined. Our Vanilla Body Oil's scent is definitely delicious, but it doesn't have an overpowering chemical fragrance like other beauty products often do.

This body oil is perfect for a date-night massage, and it's totally "edible" so don't worry about washing up if that massage turns into something else (oh la la!).

Our mission is to provide quality body care products that are natural and safe for everyone to use. We thoroughly believe that natural skincare is the best way to ensure beautiful, healthy skin! If you have any questions, or are curious about our products, send us a message on Instagram!

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I never knew that VBO was a great way to relive stress! :)

Olivia Meza

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