Juicing - The Next Best Thing for Your Skin!

Juicing - The Next Best Thing for Your Skin!

We’re sure you’ve heard the idea that “beautiful skin starts from within.” Skin care, remedies, and tips are all the craze online, so we’ve organized the mess to see how juicing has made its way to center stage. Turns out that “juicing” - the extraction of juices (packed with a multitude of natural vitamins and minerals) from fruits and vegetables - can help to heal and revitalize your skin, among providing a bunch of other benefits. Let’s discuss how simple and beneficial it can be to incorporate juicing as a part of your journey toward healthy skin and a healthy life overall!

A Rainbow of Nutrients

Along with introducing more color and fresh produce into your diet, juicing fruits & veggies gives creative freedom to select from a medley of flavors and perks. In general, juicing extracts nutrients that encourage detoxification and healthy liver function, resulting in glowing skin, calming of inflammation, and the healing of other issues. Regular juicing can also help to lower one’s risks of high blood pressure and heart disease. Phytonutrients and other healing properties from fruits and veggies you juice easily contribute to bring you hydrated, healthy skin.

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Super (Fruit) Powers… Activate!

There are more than a few reasons why you were told to eat fruits and vegetables as a kid. Online you can find a million recipes touting amazing ways to clear up your pores, boost skin hydration, and clear acne. Here are a few tips you can use to pick the ingredients you’ll use to create your own skin-loving juice blends. If you’re hoping to banish wrinkles and turn back time, try different types of citrus, rich in vitamin C, with its anti-aging properties. Pack your juice with plenty of spinach, and you’ll reap the advantages of vitamin C, iron, and vitamin A, which reverse signs of aging for both your skin and hair. Vitamin E, which protects against UV damage, can be found in broccoli, almonds, and pumpkin. Throw in some berries like goji or cranberries for additional antioxidants to help bring out youthful, clear skin.  Fennel, honey, or a whole unripe banana can also be added to the mix to aid in digestion. Guava, cantaloupe, and kiwi provide zinc, which helps to lower the risk of acne. Mangos, blueberries, and avocados, when juiced, can provide healthy levels of omega-3 fatty acids, to protect the skin against bacteria and pollution.

Juicing Means Nothing Has to Go to Waste

In searching the web for juicing tips and ideas, you might stumble across the notion that juicing “leaves out” a ton of the benefits (that one would otherwise gain, if not for the extraction part of juicing). However, we’d counter that to say it’s a difference of perspective. They’re not wrong: we agree, wholeheartedly, that the material removed, while extracting the juice, is full of pulp and other fibrous, nutritional content. Our perspective is that the “waste” can instead be repurposed into other fun alternatives, without adding to your garbage. We’ve found that you can add vegetable matter to your veggie burgers, or to thicken chilis or stews. After juicing fruits, you can use some of the leftover fruit matter to add color to your ice cube trays, or add it to your pancake, muffin, or scone mix. Or if you're not into any of that, you can always toss it in your compost bin or in your garden!

Juicing fruits and vegetables creates a world of happy-skin possibilities. You don’t have to choose reversal of aging effects OR protection from UV damage, especially when you know there are a plethora of options from fresh, natural produce. Juicing means having it all. Alternatively, when you want vitamin A in the supplement aisle, you’re cornered into getting one bottle for a single nutrient. Being able to juice the fruits of your choosing allows you the ability to reap multiple benefits at a time, without restricting yourself. Trust us, over time, your skin will LOVE getting spoiled by all the great rewards juicing has to offer. But you can always start from the outside for skin health with our skincare products too! Whatever fits your lifestyle!

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