How To Store Your Skincare Products

How To Store Your Skincare Products

 There's been a lot of hype lately with using adorable mini fridges to store skincare products! While there are some products that potentially should be stored in the fridge, it might not be the case for ALL of your products. Here's some tips when it comes to storing your favorite skincare essentials!

The Darker, The Better

The main thing to keep in mind with any makeup and skincare is to keep it out of direct sunlight! Depending on how your bathroom or vanity in your room is situated, do your best to keep your products either stored away in a cabinet or drawer. This way, you can avoid the sunlight heating up the products which can in turn cause them to accelerate the "aging" of the ingredients. Dark packaging (like our amber glass containers with our Coffee Body Oil) help to block a majority of UV rays from impacting the product. Typical room temperature (70 degrees Fahrenheit to 85 degrees Fahrenheit) is okay for most products, as long as it is NOT in direct sunlight.

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Could You Grab Me My Toner, It's Next To The Almond Milk

Although using a refrigerator for your skincare may seem a little extra, cooler temperatures can help to make products last a bit longer. This is especially true if you prefer organic products that have a minimal amount of preservatives. Most skincare products can last in warmer temperatures, but storing some of your serums and toners in the fridge can just feel more refreshing when applying rather than any other purpose. Keep in mind that products that contain oils (like our Vanilla Body Oil or Perk Serum) will solidify when they reach a certain temperature (usually any temperature under 75 degrees Fahrenheit solidifies the Coconut Oil we use for our products). If this solidifying process occurs to your products, simply put the bottle between your hands or run warm water over the bottle until the product returns to its liquid state.

Steam Is Great For Your Skin, But Not Your Skincare

While steam is fabulous for your skin to get a deep cleanse, steam from your shower is not doing your products any favors. Although it's convenient to leave our favorite bath salts and scrubs in the shower, if the containers aren't sealed tight, moisture can get into the product and allow mold to grow. So, we recommend to move any bath salts and scrubs to air dry outside of the bathroom at least twice a week if you continue to leave those products in the shower.

Avoid Freezing Your Products!

Extremely cold temperatures can be just as detrimental to your products as sunlight. Emulsions like lotions, creams, and conditioners in particular become very unstable if partially frozen and later thawed. If you live somewhere where it's freezing during the winter, be sure to remove your products from any window sills, and relocate them to somewhere that's a little warmer (like in a cabinet).

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I don’t leave my scrubs in the fridge but I definitely leave them in their own cool dry drawer because at first they were in the shower and I noticed it really did effect their shelf life quicker! Learning as we go, it seems lol.

Temukisa Von der heyden

I didn’t know that about the UV rays affecting products! Love keeping my scrubs from you in the fridge tho, I notice it preserves the life of my sugar scrubs!

Taylor Donager

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