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How To Care For Your Bikini This Summer

For many, a bikini is the go-to staple every summer, both in and out of the water. Whether it shines as the main piece, or hides beneath the layers so you’re always “beach ready,” we all want our swimsuits to last as long as possible, right? Swimwear is like most things we take for granted; there are so many benefits when you give it some tender, loving care! Here, we’ll talk about a few easy ways you can step up how you care for your bikini.

Watch Where you Sit

If you’re already wearing swimwear at the pool or on the beach, it can be tempting to sit right near the edge of the pool deck or on a bench. Aside from finding yourself in the hot seat (literally), you can risk wearing the material down on a perfect bikini. We recommend bringing an extra towel to be able to set one down beforehand. Sitting on rough surfaces can encourage piling and potentially ruin an expensive bikini, even before you’ve made it to the water. 

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No Bleach on this Bikini

We know it’s hard, but you have to resist the urge to use bleach with your bikini, even if it’s white. Save those pieces for special occasions and make sure prioritize washing it as soon as possible after use. White bikinis can last long, if you take the extra time. Most chemicals are harsh enough to break down the fabric of your bikini, and detergent bleach is no exception. 

If In Doubt, Go the “Gentle Route”

The rule of thumb with chemicals applies here as well - the gentler, the better. If you’re able to find a detergent or cleaner specifically designed for swimwear, that would be the ideal route. However, this option may not be accessible to all. As such, a gentle detergent will definitely do the job, without compromising the material. Gentle detergent guarantees more trips to the beach wearing your favorites, than if you were to use the harsh stuff. 

Hand-washing vs Using a Washer

We’re still riding on the gentle boat - and this next tip is another way you can baby your bikini. We talked about TLC, and handwashing is where it’s at. Will it take more immediate effort to handwash your bikini? Yes. Will it be worth it to make that bikini last? Also yes. Washing your suit in a washer can mean unwanted snags and holes.

We also recommend using cold water to thoroughly wash out any chlorine or salt and improve the longevity of your suit.  

Remove the Residue

Sometimes wearing sunscreen, tanning oils, and other skin protectants can result in stains and residue on your swimwear. To remove unsightly residue, rub a small amount of dish detergent on the affected area. Let it set for a while, overnight if possible, then wash it out with warm water. Alternatively, you can soak your bikini in a bowl of water with a capful of white vinegar. Rinse and air dry your swimwear, and repeat either process, as needed. If accessible, stain remover designed for swimwear is also a great option.

Air Drying vs Using a Dryer

Think of your bikini as needing its own tan sessions between trips to the beach and you’ll never need to use the dryer again. Dryers take less effort, but at what cost? Tossing in the dryer can result in discoloration, stretching, and the loss of shape and elasticity. Yikes! We recommend laying your pieces flat to dry in a well-ventilated area. 

There are a number of ways you can care for your bikini. Save these tips for this summer to squeeze the most life out of your favorite ‘kinis. These tips take more attention, but they definitely won’t break the bank. We know it takes effort to make sure your swimwear will last for new memories and adventures to come, but believe us when we say it’ll be worth it.

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