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How Hormones Affect Your Skin

Let's be real: being a woman is AMAZING but it comes with a few hitches here and there. Our bodies are capable of doing wonderful things, and our hormones can impact so many different parts of our body, even our skin!

Throughout the month, you may notice that you have fabulous skin days, and then days where a pimple may pop up. Here's a quick rundown of your cycle and some potential solutions so you can have clear skin all month long, regardless of your hormones!

Day 1 - 6 (Your Period)

Your hormones are "low," which may cause your skin to be dry or lackluster. Be sure to be using a moisturizer in the morning and at night, as well as a serum rich in hyaluronic acid!

Day 7 - 11

Your body starts to ramp up estrogen production, which also means your skin cell turnover rate is in effect. These few days, the estrogen signals for collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid to start production. This is the perfect time to exfoliate with our Gold Sugar Scrub (although we recommend that you exfoliate every week).

Gold Sugar Scrub | Skincare

Day 12 - 16 (Ovulation)

Estrogen is at its peak! Your skin will be super plump and radiant. Be sure to be keeping up with your normal skincare routine.

Day 17 - 24

Progesterone peaks, which activates oil glands, causes skin to swell and compress your pores. This creates oil build-up, and you may see a few pimples start to form. To combat this, use a clay mask at least twice during these days to help draw out the oil build-up from your pores.

Day 25 - 28

Testosterone makes a move! Right before your next period, you may notice hormonal acne. The testosterone prompts the oil glands to produce even more sebum than the progesterone phase of your cycle. The best case is to utilize cleansers or treatments that contain salicylic acid to minimize the breakouts and kill bacteria. This is also a great opportunity to make sure you're following our 8 Habits for Gorgeous Skin!

Sometimes, when we figure out what our body is doing, we can work with it instead of against it! We hope your skin's journey is going well, and this blog maybe shed some light on some potential solutions that you can try out during your cycle.

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I never knew how impactful having hormones could be to the external part of the body! This was such an insightful and interesting read! It’s nice to put words into action on what is happening to the body day by day!

Ashley R

I absolutely love this!
I knew that hormones effected the way my skin was looking and feeling but I had no idea of the whole breakdown. Literally day by day. Super helpful to know about day 25-28. I already have oily skin but I do notice an increase around those specific days & now I know I wasn’t just imagining it. Thanks again!

Temukisa Von der heyden

Gosh the struggle of being a women! Thank you for this sis, this is good info that I didn’t know about!!😍

Taylor Donager

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