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Having beautiful lips is something that many women focus on. From using lip products such as lip liners, lipsticks, lip glosses, "lip blushing" or even lip fillers, many of us dream of achieving the perfect "pout." So, here are a few tips that you can follow to make sure that your lip product application is flawless, or ensuring your natural lip look is seamless!

How To Care For Your Lips

Our lips are unlike the rest of our body; they do not have glands like our skin, which means that they have no means of moisturizing itself. So when our lips get chapped, it may be second nature for us to lick our lips, but this can actual dry them out!

The best way to keep your lips moisturized is by drinking lots of water each day (which is recommended for optimal health functions anyway) as well as always having a lip balm on hand. We recommend using a lip balm/lip moisturizer with shea butter or coconut oil for lusciously soft lips.

Another way to ensure supple lips are to exfoliate them with a lip scrub once or twice a week, like our Vanilla Body Polish; this all depends on the state of your lips which is often impacted from the environment. If you live in an area with excessive cold or wind, your lips are more likely to be chapped and dry. Exfoliating can help to smoothen out the lip texture, which not only helps them to look "healthy," it can help with lip product application as well! Just remember to be gentle when using a lip scrub, and only use it when necessary. Over-exfoliation can be extremely uncomfortable and do more harm than good when it comes to your lips as well as your skin. 

When it comes to a lip care routine, it boils down to two parts: moisturizing and exfoliating. 

Vanilla Body Polish


Whenever you feel that your lips are dry, or if you have an urge to lick them, it's time to apply a balm! Here are some tips:

  1. Use an applicator or clean fingers, apply a hydrating lip product (lip balm) all over the lips, including at the corners.

  2. If you’re spending time outside, be sure to use a lip balm that contains SPF 30+. The sun can damage your lips, just like your skin, so be careful!

  3. Reapply lip balm as necessary throughout the day, which can be as little as twice a day or as much as six times per day. It all depends on your body and your environment.


Lip exfoliation can be a great part to your nightly routine once or twice a week. This can help your lips to appear and feel softer, and aids with lip product application.

  1. Apply a small amount of an exfoliating lip scrub to your fingertips.

  2. Gently rub over the lips in small circular motions for approximately 30 seconds.

  3. Leave the scrub on lips for a few minutes, allowing the nourishing oils to soak in (perfect to do in the shower while you're finishing up your routine).

  4. Rinse with warm water and apply a moisturizing balm to lock in the hydration.

To boost your lip health, always drink lots of water and avoid picking at your lips. Try to stay away from using lipsticks/lip products that dry out your lips, since this can lead to flakey patches (many matte lipsticks can be over-drying).

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Especially with cold weather my lips always get super dry and cracked and it is super uncomfortable!! I have always had a hard time finding the right lip care routine. I have tried using the vanilla scrub and it has made my lips feel super soft after doing it.

Kira Nobriga

Coming from a more dry climate, lip care has always been a must for me. Before ilikope I did not know how important it was to exfoliate the lips and was not aware they did not have a natural way to moisturize themselves. I have started to use the new vanilla polish on my lips at least once a week and the difference in my lips this summer compared to the last few is amazing and I will forever recommend healthy and positive lip care!

Ashley Roe

You never really think about your lip care until you have dry and chapped lips and wondering why your lips are never moisturized. Thanks to Ili Kopes body polish I can finally use a gentle exfoliant on my lips that not only helps by keeping them soft and supple but its a nice treat to lick off when I’m done. The fact that all Ili Kope products are natural and safe makes it even more better to know that I’m not putting damaging products on my skin.

Kayla Rae Santos-Paglinawan

Lip care has always been a big deal to me so thank you for this post! I love using the Vanilla Body Scrub as a lip scrub. I do miss your lip balm so much tho😝

Tay Donager

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