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Coconut Oil and Its Endless Benefits

Coconut oil is a magical substance; it can be used as a healthy cooking/baking option as well as an amazing multi-purpose solution for you body! Its amazing properties are great for nearly every skin and hair type. Why? The natural fatty acids in coconut oil are ultra moisturizing for your skin and hair, and coconut oil is known to be anti-microbial. Here are just a few ideas on how you can utilize the benefits of coconut oil:

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Hair Mask/Deep Conditioner

If your hair needs a little TLC, opt to slather your tresses in coconut oil. Work it in by combing with you fingers, from the ends up to the scalp. Put your hair in a bun for 30 minutes. If you're able, use a shower cap so that the heat from you scalp helps to open your hair cuticle to allow the coconut oil to soak in completely.


Your scalp a little dry? Massage coconut oil onto your scalp in gentle back and forth motions. Let it sit for about 10 minutes then rinse out. If your dandruff persists, you might want to purchase an anti-dandruff shampoo or change out your normal haircare products since they might be giving your scalp issues.

Lip Balm

MmMmm! Coconut oil is PERFECT to be used as a lip balm. After exfoliating your lips with a sugar scrub, lock in moisture with a swipe of coconut oil on your lips. Or, you can just opt for a lip balm that contains coconut oil.

Shaving Balm

Ran out of shaving cream? No worries! Just head to your kitchen and find some coconut oil. Apply a thin coat and shave away! The best part, you don't have to worry about applying lotion after you're done; the coconut oil is already super moisturizing!

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Remove Makeup

Makeup removal is super important to your skin's overall health. Coconut oil can help breakdown any makeup, even waterproof mascara! Massage your face with the oil, then go ahead and use your regular face cleanser.

Massage Oil

Planning a romantic date night? Coconut oil can be a great massage oil to get in the mood! Or you can try out this coffee body oil if you and your partner LOVE the smell of coconut and coffee.


What are your fav ways to use coconut oil?! Did you learn any new purposes that you'd like to try?

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I love this article. I am half Samoan. My mother is full. Which means she used coconut oil for anything and everything. It’s been our lifestyle for as long as I can remember. As I grew up & started my own routines I started switching out drug store products with just pure coconut oil. Hair mask, shaving balm, & makeup remover are some of my favorites! One of the many reasons I was so excited to be apart of ilikope since coconut oil is a main ingredient in everything. Make me feel right at home 💗

Temukisa Von der heyden

I never thought to use this as a makeup remover!!? What a great idea with all the coconut oil 🥥

Olivia Meza

I’m obsessed with coconut & the fact that this article is all about it. I’m all for it. I’m definitely living in a dry climate so I’m definitely going to need to purchase some coconut oil to keep my skin healthy & moisturize. Thank you for this knowledge. 💗

Kali Geiger

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