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Back to School Must-Haves For Your Skin

It’s that time of the year again: get ready to hit the books! Everybody we know is stocking up on their back to school essentials & skin care is definitely at the top of that list. We know it can feel like you’re stuck in “vacation mode” at the end of summer… To make sure you’re covered, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite skin-loving products to kick start the school year with refreshed & hydrated skin:

‘Ili Kope Moisturizing Matcha Mud Mask

Let’s get things started right with a detoxifying mud mask for a thorough deep clean. Our super moisturizing face mask is packed with natural, feel-good ingredients like Bentonite Clay, Organic Coconut Milk, and Hawaiian Green Tea. Smelling like a yummy matcha green tea latte, its jellylike application cools as it moisturizes. Made to minimize imperfections and the appearance of pores, this mud mask does it all!

 Ao Organics Green Goddess Cleanser

Gentle enough to be your daily cleanser, and effective enough to work as a weekly mask, the Ao Organics Green Goddess Cleanser leaves your skin feeling soft and radiant. A blend of locally-sourced organic ingredients from Hawaii, including papaya seed oil and matcha, works to unclog pores, plump, exfoliate, and moisturize skin. This foamy cleanser helps to even out complexion and fight breakouts. A clean feel with tons of benefits, it’s sure to become a staple in your routine.

 Ao Organics 'Ōlena & Honey Facial Toner

Next, we recommend stocking up on an all-natural facial toner from Ao Organics, as well. Use after your cleanser for a brighter complexion, tighter pores, and less visible dark marks. 'Ōlena (turmeric in Hawaiian) and local honey work the surface to remove dead skin cells and encourage recovery. Meanwhile, aloe water and melon hydrosol infuse moisture deep into the skin.

‘Ili Kope Wrinkle-Fighting Perk Serum

Intended originally for the under eye area, this perk serum lives up to its name and brings life to your skin. It’s effective enough to deeply hydrate and smooth the skin all over the body, but gentle enough to be used in more delicate areas. This serum is an amazing addition to your skincare lineup this semester. 

Organic Skincare made in Hawaii

‘Ili Kope Vanilla Body Oil

If you can’t tell by now, we are huge fans of products that help to replenish and retain moisture. A solution to your all-over body oil needs, we’ve infused Hawaii-grown vanilla with organic coconut oil. Its versatility is unmatched: it can also be used for massage, tanning, and in the shower, among other uses. You’ll be nourished, hydrated, and smelling like sweet vanilla!

There are a ton of products on the market that promise you’ll turn heads with healthy, happy skin, but for you, we’ve reserved the best of the best. We’ve pointed out our top picks that’ll baby your skin from head to toe. Bookmark our favorites and we know you and your skin will be thanking us! Don’t forget to check out our blogs regularly to make sure you’re up-to-date on the latest in all-natural skincare.

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