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Amazing Skin Benefits of Red Clay

If you're really into skincare, then you've probably used a clay mask before. But, did you know that not all clays are created equal?! There are a variety of different colored clays with different properties, from all over the world. In our newest product, the Cocoa Clay Mask, we combined the amazing properties of cocoa powder and red clay, all derived from the islands of Hawaii!

If you're interested in learning about the benefits of cocoa, you can check out that blog here. If you're interested in learning about the amazing benefits of red clay, or alaea, then keep reading!

The Benefits of Red Clay

Used for its beauty benefits since the beginning of time, the red clay owes its color to a high concentration of iron oxide. Naturally rich in trace elements like phosphorous and magnesium, it stimulates microcirculation in the blood vessels to awaken the skin.

This mineral is known to revives and brighten the complexion, reduce redness and soothes discomfort caused by irritations. The clay also helps to mattify and unify the complexion, by absorbing excess sebum. Not only can this amazing substance help your skin, but it can also restore body, silkiness and shine to hair when applied to the scalp!

The high mineral content, combined with the healing power of volcanic ash, makes clay from the islands of Hawaii ideal for cleansing and purification. The clay’s neutral pH levels allows the skin to heal, while maintaining its fresh, natural glow.

Kauai Red Dirt | Na Pali Coast

Who Can Benefit From Red Clay?

Unlike some other clays, red clay is suitable for everyone! Due to its properties, it’s gentle enough to use for individuals who have skin that is sensitive, prone to irritation or redness, or skin that is lacking a little luster. Especially if you mix red clay powder with a moisturizing agent (like rose water or vitamin E oil), it can truly do wonders for the skin!

Its Use In Hawaii

Hawaiians used the red clay as a dye in purification ceremonies, a way to mend broken bones, as well as remove toxins from the skin. Alaea was even sometimes even consumed as a nutritional supplement! Alaea can be found on nearly every island (except the Big Island since it’s the youngest island in the chain), due to the aged remnants of volcanic rock/soil.

With ‘Ili Kope products, we do our very best to source natural, local ingredients that are safe for your skin and the environment! We are so happy to be able to provide organic skincare ingredients, while also supporting other local businesses while sourcing our ingredients. Leave a comment below if you know of any other local businesses or farms that you think we should reach out to for product sourcing!

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This article makes so much more sense to me after using this product! My skin definitely feels more awake & I’ve noticed a great deal of help when it comes to redness. I normally have skin that gets red really easily, either due to sun, irritation, or heat. And the cocoa clay mask really just evens out my skin tone.

Temukisa Von Der Heyden

I love the history behind the alaea! It’s so neat to learn the history behind what goes in the products and not only how historical it is but how beneficial for the body it can be! My skin loves me so much more since I began to use the cocoa clay mask!

Ashley R

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