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8 Self-Care Ideas For Your Next Day Off

If you’re not careful, a day off can turn into another day of feeling like you have no time to do the things that are good for you—like taking care of your body, relaxing and de-stressing. But with these eight self-care ideas, you’ll feel more relaxed and pampered than ever before!

1) Treat Yourself To An At-Home Spa Day

Spa days are great. But not every woman has time for a full day at a fancy spa—or money to spend on one! Take the time to steam up your shower or bathroom to relax your face, use a new clay face mask you've been meaning to use but haven't had time, apply some cooling under-eye masks or even a lip mask. Sip on some lavender or chamomile tea while listening to a calming playlist. Diffuse some essential oils and give yourself a cranial massage to finish off your time of relaxation! Your at-home DIY facial experience doesn't need to be too costly or time consuming, but you owe it to yourself to unwind and take care of your body.

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2) Relax in the bathtub

An easy way to relax is by taking a bath. Take your time soaking in warm water with our Cocoa Bath Fizz, lighting a candle and adding some essential oils for extra aromatherapy—and listen to music that makes you feel good! After 15 minutes or so, it’s guaranteed that you’ll feel relaxed and recharged. Finish off your bath with your skincare routine!

3) Book a full body massage

A good massage can be just what you need after a long week. Whether you work out, practice yoga, or are a desk jockey who spends most of their day on their butt in front of a computer screen, it’s important to give your body regular breaks from these static positions so you don’t develop chronic pain issues. This can help promote overall healing in your body and less stress on your body! Splurge at least once a month if you're able!

4) Schedule a pedicure

Sometimes, a pedicure is just what you need! If you're on your feet for long periods of time, a pedicure with a foot massage can be ultra relaxing.

5) Take a nap under the sun

Sunlight is a natural mood booster, and napping under it just adds to that. Whether at a park or at the beach, get a bit of sunlight to help give you the boost you need! Remember your SPF, though!

6) Go out with friends

Connecting with friends is an easy way to lift your spirits—and it doesn’t have to cost you a penny. Make plans with friends in advance, so that if you feel like you need a bit of self-care after a busy work week, you already have something on your calendar.

7) Do your favorite hobby/craft/activity

Choose to be kind to yourself on your days off, like journaling, dance around your living room, cooking healthy meals and bingeing shows on Netflix. No matter what you do to feel better, doing your favorite hobby/craft/activity should always be at the top of your list!

8) Take yourself out to dinner

We all know a girls’ night out is a great way to get some relaxation, but it’s also just as important to do something nice for yourself during your day off. Pick up takeout and watch your favorite show. Invite your significant other over for dinner (and dessert) if you want to spend some quality time, otherwise enjoy the time alone! It doesn’t matter how you spend your time—as long as you make sure to set aside some time to relax, unwind, and reenergize.

A self-care day is always a good idea. All it takes is a little preparation—whether that means taking advantage of some preplanned me time or putting together an impromptu spa at home. Get comfy, light some candles, and prepare to treat yourself however you see fit!
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I loved this entire post on self care! I definitely wanna try taking my own self out to dinner and having a little me date but I’m so socially awkward but it’s something that I wanna try to work towards this year. It’s important for me to understand and to love myself better because that does set the tone for how you care and love others closely around you.

Kayla Rae Santos-Paglinawan

At-home spa nights with your products are one of my favorite ways to relax! Once my baby girl goes to sleep for the night, I draw a bath for my Cocoa Bath Fizz, tie my hair up with my Ilikope Bandanna, put on my Matcha or Cocoa Clay Mask & relaxxxxxx❤️

Taylor Donager

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